The wine cellar



The cellar covers an area of 1,000 square metres, entirely underground, at a depth of 8 metres, The temperature at which we age our Franciacorta is kept constant by air conditioning equipment operating in every part of the cellar, controlled by an electronic hub.

In the wine making area, we have 28 stainless steel casks, all equipped with temperature detection and control sensors, with various capacities (100, 50 and 25 hectolitres) in order to separately vinify the grapes from different plots, enhancing the peculiarities of each vine. These varied Franciacorta base wines are blended, in defined percentages, only at the moment of the formation of the cuvée, which will then produce the Franciacorta.

Part of the Franciacorta base wine matures for some months in little barrels, depending on the vines and the soil and climate components of each vine.

In the maturation zone (where the wine becomes sparkling), the bottles rest on the lees for the time required to become Franciacorta.

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