Franciacorta Satèn Montedelma

  Franciacorta Saten

Passirano, Valenzano district
Provaglio,  Provezze district
Halfway up the hill.

90% Chardonnay - 10% Pinot Bianco
Cultivation system: cordon or guyot trained and spur-pruned
Planting density: 5000 stumps/hectare
Maximum yield: 100 hundredweight per hectare

Our Chardonnay grapes, perfectly mature, are harvested by hand, placed in little trays and introduced into appropriate presses from which a delicate flowery must escapes. Promptly immersed in heated stainless steel containers, the must, over a period of 10/12 days, terminates the fermentation. In spring, the wine is dosed with cane sugar and selected yeast is added in a lower than normal quantity, in order to obtain a creamy, subtle froth. Within 24 months, ageing in the bottle, it becomes enriched with delicate aromas and tastes. At the end, to expel the sediment, the disgorging takes places and the “liqueur d’expédition” is added.

Colour :   Straw yellow.
Perlage:   Creamy, abundant froth with persistent perlage.
Aroma :   Fine and delicate.
Taste:   Harmonious and persistent.
Accompaniment:   Ideal as an aperitif. Excellent for a toast.
Serving temperature:   6/8° C. 

Alcohol by volume:   12.5 % Vol.
Total acidity (“titratable”) :   6.1 g/l
Sugars (glucose and fructose) :   8.8 g/l

Non-reducing extract:   19.4 g/l
Excess pressure at 20 °C :   4.2 (Met. usu bar)

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